Christopher McEwen

It is not important to me when things are done. Things exist in their own time which is now. Past and future are things which divert our attention from what we are observing. None of the pieces are dated.

If any of the pieces are signed it is on the back. When a piece is completed, it's authorship is irelevant. If exists in its own right and should be judged on its own inherent qualities. The game of naming things has only increased intellectual snobbery and encouraged disproportionate avarice.

All images included here are referred to as "pieces". I consider "work" to be mining, ship building, oil drilling, surgery etc. Making a painting or a poem or composing a piece of music are to me activities, not work. The term "piece" is not intended to detract from their worth.


1993 - Present
Full Time Artist
1974 - 1993
Taught in Art and Design Department, Stourbridge College
1972 - 1974
Taught in Art and Design Department, Salford Technical College
1967 - 1972
Taught at Cheshire College of Art
1961 - 1962
Taught at Liverpool College of Art
Various other teaching in schools and adult education
Visitor at Newport and Cheltenham Colleges


1957 - 1961
Fine Art Department, Kings College, Newcastle on Tyne


  • Dudley Gallery
  • Ibis Gallery, Leamington
  • Walker Gallery, Liverpool
  • Laing Gallery, Newcastle
  • Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
  • Univision, Newcastle
  • Modern Tower, Newcastle
  • Young Contemporaries
  • Wolverhampton City Gallery
  • Crystal Glass Centre, Stourbridge
  • Gallerie de la Table Rounde, Loudeac
  • Cowleigh Gallery, Malvern
  • MAC, Birmingham